Garlic & Lemon -Toss It All Sauce -16oz Bottle

  • $18.00

Marty's Jackpot Toss It All Sauce is the First Ever toss sauce brought to the market for Crawfish, Veggies, Seafood and Cajun style wings! It's Spicy, Buttery, Garlicky and Lemony! ....A can't miss toss sauce. It is a "7" out of "10" on the heat scale.

It's Marty's Famous Wet Sauce recipe Now in a bottle Ready To Go !

Tossing The Marty's Way :

The Marty's way uses 1 oz of Toss It All Sauce per pound of Crawfish, 2 pounds of Shrimp, and 1 Cluster of Snow Crab. The Toss It All Sauce is also great to Sear and Sauté with. Use it on Grilled and Fried Chicken Sandwiches, it's delicious! It's Spicy Butter, Garlic and Lemon taste is so unique, it's the 1st Toss Sauce of it's kind !

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