Cedar Grilling Planks(2)

  • $15.00

Marty's cedar grilling planks are made from western red cedar .They can be used on the grill or oven to infuse your favorite food with the savory flavor of cedar smoke.

2 cedar grilling planks included

Dimensions: 11" x 5"

Try Marty's Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe:

Step1: Prepare-Double Down on Marty's Jackpot Seasoning over entire salmon. Place salmon on the cedar plank.

Step 2: Grill- Place entire plank directly on to grill and use 100% apple juice in a spray bottle to mist cedar plank while on grill. Do this as needed to keep plank from drying out, continue to smoke on grill until salmon is done.

Step 3: Serve on Plank- Serve directly on a plank and thank Marty's Jackpot for your experience!