Marty's Jackpot was founded on the basis of trial and error, a real true learning experience! The Spice was derived originally from back yard BBQ's and catering Crawfish boils for different people, friends, and families. Through this experience and feedback, I was able to find the perfect blend of seasonings to satisfy the taste buds of everyone I catered to; on a grill or in a pot! So, I packaged the recipe to offer the most unique blend of spice ever made to the public.

The story behind the "Marty's Jackpot" Brand Name is simple. Everyone called me Barty, so I changed the name to "Marty's" because it had a better ring. The "Jackpot" part of the name was a midnight sketch. I wanted to graphically show people, that they could put the spice on anything; so a slot machine came to mind! Rolling symbols of food, landing in various slot machine windows captures this idea! No Matter what type of food you put the seasoning on, you'll hit the Jackpot. That feeling of Winning is what you'll get Every Time you use Marty's Jackpot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marty's Jackpot Contain MSG?

No, Marty's Jackpot is all natural and contains no MSG.

Is Marty's Jackpot Gluten Free?

Yes, Marty's Jackpot is Gluten Free...Wins Every Time!

Is it Spicy or Hot?

On a scale of 1 to 10, Marty's Jackpot hits the spice meter at a high 6.

What can I Use Marty's Jackpot on?

You can use Marty's Jackpot with pretty much anything you can cook, including roasts, poultry, steaks, salads, soups, fish, turkey, hamburgers, chops, vegetables, wild-game, scrambled eggs or really anything that needs a little something extra.

How Much Is Shipping?

Free! We offer free shipping, with no minimum purchase amount required.

Where Can I Find Marty's Jackpot For Sale?

Currently we sell Marty's Jackpot in Man Ready Mercanitle

How Can I Become a Marty's Jackpot Retailer?

Simple, just email us your information at doubledown@martysjackpot.com and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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