Aluminum Boiler Crawfish Cooker 120 quart/ 30 gallon -full sack cooker

  • $1,400.00

Marty's Jackpot Aluminum Boiler/ Cooker 120 quart/ 10 gallon $1400.00

**Customer Pick up From Marty's Warehouse DISCOUNT PRICE $1150.00 (SAVE $250.00)**

**DELIVERY IN HOUSTON AREA $1200.00 ( SAVE $200.00)**

We call it the FULL SACK COOKER!


Made in Houston, Texas out of 3/16 gauge aluminum

Built in dumping basket and ramp . ( no pot needed )

Three-180,000 BTU propane burners with regulator. Heavy duty gas lines that won't bend or kink .

LARGE drains- pinchers won't get caught and clog drain.

Will cook a full sack of crawfish at one time.

Dimensions: 20"x 20" 36"Tall